Rewrite Preordered!

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I mentioned about two weeks ago that the usual complement of stores – GAMERS, Sofmap and others announced that preorders for Rewrite will begin on December 24.

It seems as if that had completely slipped my mind as I rushed out to gatherings for Christmas and such.

Then it occurred to me when I was browsing So after some debate (which was 15 minutes ≧(´▽`)≦) I decided to put in a preorder for one anyway.



Rewrite OP “Philosophyz”



Key Sounds Label


January 28, 2011




Famed composer Orito Shinji is responsible for the music, while Tonokawa Yuuto handled the lyrics. Mizuta Niruna, the singer from the unit NanosizeMir sings the song.

Rewrite (Initial Limited Edition, All Ages)





April 28, 2011




In a Key pattern of late the original release of a new series is always an all-ages version and Rewrite is no exception. The game features all of Key’s famed staff plus Ryukishi07 of the Higurashi series, as well as Tanaka Romeo who worked on the game CROSS†CHANNEL.


5 thoughts on “Rewrite Preordered!

  1. I completely forgot about this /shock must go order nau
    this is probably the one thing you’d actually support me impulse buying lol

    1. I have high hopes for it. Hopefully it will also see an anime adaption to the quality of CLANNAD, but seeing that Little Busters! has not been produced into an anime maybe it won’t happen.

      1. I hope the same studio that make the masterpiece that was CLANNAD also does the Rewrite adaption, though I’m still waiting on Little Busters. Still I can’t wait for Rewrite. I mean Jun Meada, Ryukishi07, and Romeo the gods of visual novels working on one together is something that never happens in any other medium.

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