Horie Yui Pregnant?


In a recent appearance at the 2nd Akibahara PC Game Festival, some curious observers noticed that her stomach has been bulging beyond normal, leading to speculations that Horie has become pregnant.

Unconfirmed reports/sources say that this isn’t her first pregnancy, but there are some doubts regarding the authenticity of such reports.

For those who don’t know, Horie Yui is one of the most famous voice actors across a wide range of fields. She’s been featured in big time anime series such as Toradora!, B gata H kei, Bakemonogatari and D.C. ~Da Capo~ as the main heroine.

Edit 2011-11-21

It turns out the bulging stomach was simply due to thick clothing, according to the agency to which Horie Yui belongs to.




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