Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai EP12

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

I suppose the ending was okay.


Kyousuke bumps into Kirino like in the morning, but instead of being yelled at something is different.vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h22m27s88vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h22m34s151vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h22m36s168vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h22m42s238vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h22m58s140vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h23m24s148vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h23m34s232vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h24m06s49vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h24m18s177vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h24m33s66

More past the break.

Part A

Everyone’s life goes on as normal. Kirino’s friend Kanako is drafted into a modelling agency, while Kyousuke wonders why Kirino is acting so oddly.

That night, Kirino has one last “life talk” with Kyousuke.vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h24m41s146vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h24m55s26vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h25m38s200vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h25m41s238vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h26m04s209vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h26m53s183vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h27m34s85vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h27m40s137vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h27m55s42vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h28m12s205vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h28m28s109vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h28m44s20vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h29m07s246vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h29m47s129vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h29m52s182

Part B

After being begged to buy the two new visual novels being released in a midnight launch (much like Kud Wafter) Kyousuke obliges.

At Akibahara, Kyousuke runs into a friend who he is supposedly staying with for the night. It turns out that both are here to buy eroges for their sisters after being begged.vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h30m27s20vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h30m36s116vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h31m08s161vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h31m23s68vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h31m49s74vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h32m15s79vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h32m35s17vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h32m45s120vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h33m03s45vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h33m24s1vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h34m12s228

Part C

Kirino mistakes a call from Kuroneko as being from Kyousuke. Kuroneko is making cat-ear sets for Kirino and wanted to know her head’s dimensions.

Meanwhile, Kyousuke makes it home safely. Kyousuke intended to leave, but Kirino asks him to play the eroge together. Even though he agrees he isn’t too into the story so his dull remarks ruin the mood.vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h35m26s193vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h35m31s246vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h36m42s171vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h37m26s107vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h37m56s149vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h38m03s222vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h38m42s94vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h38m54s226

Part D

Wanting to prevent Kyousuke from leaving, Kirino reveals that she has one final request for a life talk.

Kirino reveals that there is something she didn’t tell/show Kyousuke during the first life talk session almost 9 months ago. Kirino nearly back out of it but Kyousuke forcibly sees it.vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h39m30s77vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h40m30s159vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h40m59s194vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h41m09s33vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h41m14s87vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h41m31s239

No, he’s not being mesmerized by Kirino’s butt. Though if I was in his position I would be.


Part E

So what was Kirino hiding from Kyousuke? It turns out that she has been invited to train track & field at United States, and she’s supposed to leave at 10:20am on that day.

It’s obvious from her dialogue that Kirino wants Kyousuke to stop her from leaving, but she can’t be honest with Kyousuke. Similarly, Kyousuke hides his true feelings. He repeatedly insist that she should go to the US and a frusted Kirino slaps him twice and begins punching him.

The situation is only solved by Kirino’s fallen laptop accidentally selecting the “Stop her” path in the eroge they were playing.


Part F

Next morning Kyousuke wakes up to a strangely quiet house. No sign of Kirino anywhere as he makes his way down to the living room.

But at the entrance to the living room he hears a familiar voice. It turns out Kirino decided not to leave. Her dad is happy to hear her decision and so is Kyousuke.

And so as the cherry blossoms everyone moves on with their daily routines.vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h46m55s179vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h47m02s249vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h47m30s253vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h48m14s191vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h49m00s147vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h49m21s98vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h49m54s167vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h50m03s7vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h50m43s151vlcsnap-2011-01-13-19h50m53s254

That’s it for the anime adaptation! Good end.


2 thoughts on “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai EP12

  1. one a completely unrelated topic, do you know how to access F04B phone’s internal memory? i’ve tried connecting it to my pc but it only shows a drive for the Micro SD card.

    1. I haven’t used a cable before, so I’m not really sure. On my SHARP, I can change the cable connection mode under a setting known as USB Connection Mode. It gives me microSD, MTP and Communication mode. Maybe try looking for that, and change to MTP and see if that helps.

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