[AB!] GirlDeMo Live BD Release Cancelled?

Angel Beats!

An interesting tweet from Visual Art’s President Baba Takahiro, also known as @vavasyatyou on twitter, dropped a (sort of) bombshell on the Angel Beats! community.

Baba Takahiro/Visual Art’s


For those unaware, Visual Art’s is the eroge company to which Key and many other smaller studios belong to. Think of it as a parent company of several eroge studios. They provide a way to market the products and provide a standard platform for all companies to use.



The recorded material for the GirlDeMo live was not HD….?


Checking the authenticity [of the report]. But if true then I have just lost the will to sell [the BD-R release].


I mean think about it, DVD in 2011…orz


No, no. (presumably confirming that it isn’t HD-quality).


There has not been newer tweets about this issue and it has been (nearly) 2 days, so chances are the recordings are indeed not up to BD quality.

So, it looks like we won’t be seeing a high definition release of the GirlDeMo live from December 2010. What a bummer.


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