Toradora! OVA Confirmed


Maybe we’ll learn more about Ryuuji and Taiga’s after story with this one.


It was confirmed by the series composer of the 2008 hit anime Toradora! that the recently-announced BD-R release of Toradora! will feature an OVA.

Here’s a translated quote from Okada Mari, the producer in question:


There were several airings of many different productions today in an event held today at Tokushima City.

The series composer responsible for Toradora! in 2008 and the current series producer for Hourou Musuko (Wandering Son) was in attendance. In response to a comment during the event congratulating the release of Toradora! in Blu-Ray, she commented

“Thank you. There’ll be an OVA bundled with the Blu-Ray box, so please consider a purchase.


Toradora! was one of my most favorite anime productions and one of the several responsible for bringing me back into the anime world. So I’ll be waiting for this one with enthusiasm, though a Blu-Ray box of 24 episodes wouldn’t come cheap.



15 thoughts on “Toradora! OVA Confirmed

  1. let me know if you buy it! and let me know when it arrives!
    I shall raid your house and watch it with you then l w l

  2. It has not been confirmed as of yet, but rumors have been circulating that Taiga will be pregnant in the OVA.

  3. So when’s it going to be out or is it alreay out on blu ray? If anything it be amazing because I finished watching the series yesterday and by far, the best anime ever. If there’s an actual release date let me know please 🙂

  4. As the Blue-Ray has been released and we all have seen the OVA called “The true meaning behind boxed Lunch” does anyone know if there will be another OVA Series or a follow up which has more of an ending. Like what happened to Ryuuji and Taiga after School? Did they get married? Did they live together with ya-chan ?

    I wish the would just release one more episode were all the cast comes back together to celebrate. Like 1 year later or so 😀

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