Shinryaku! Ika Musume EP12

Shinryaku! Ikamusume

I was going through my recent posts when I realized that I never finished covering the Ika Musume series on this blog.

Part A


So there’s a beach volleyball competition, with the grand prize being a 3DTV. Ika Musume wants it(mistaking that she could eat the 3D vision) and Eiko wants it too (thinking it would be awesome to play games in 3D).

A few more images and my thoughts past the break.


Of course a variety of teams enter, featuring almost all of the cast of the series. Sanae in particular have a very similar reason to enter as Ika Musume.


Combining Eiko’s coordination and Ika Musume’s tentacles, they beat the competition all the way through to the finals, where they faced the Lifeguards Team.


That’s the last thing they saw coming.


No, that doesn’t work, Ika Musume.

Part B

Ika Musume loses her “squid functionality” one day. No tentacles, no flaps, no illumination. The scientists led by Cindy surmise that it’s due to adaptation to living on land.


That throws Ika Musume into a conundrum. She thinks of returning to the sea.


Since then, a year passes (presumably). Things aren’t quite the same around Ocean House Lemon – it’s much quieter and less busy. Even Nagisa misses Ika Musume.


Ika Musume marks her reappearance, but something is different about her. She vows that she’ll live just like a regular girl and not as a squid from now on.


But as time passes Ika Musume realizes just how useless she has become. She meets another girl while in deep thought, who assures her that “she is not alone”.


Meanwhile, those crazies from MIT are planning something to discover other “-Musumes” living beneath the sea.


Predictably those crazies cause a huge mayhem – in this case, a whirlpool that nearly sucks Eiko and Ika Musume down to the ocean floor. Thankfully, Ika Musume’s nature kicks in, regrowing her tentacles and saving Eiko.


Ika Musume accepts the MIT crazies’ apology. She then decides to live on land from now on, reaching her tentacle out to shake Eiko’s hand. But her “invader” antics take over and she begins boasting about how she’s the most powerful creature ever.

She then proceeds to get slapped by Eiko, leaving squid ink behind.


The last shot of the closing sequence. Very tastefully done.


The End.



It was a long 3 months, marked by sporadic coverage due to my schoolwork, but it was a very interesting show nonetheless. I’d say it was very well done in many ways – well animated, well paced and most importantly, it captured the hearts of anime watchers worldwide. For that, I give it a very high place in my heart.


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