Rewrite Fes to be held in March



Just out of Key’s hompage:


Those of you reading my blog in August will remember that I covered the Angel Beats! Fes -Thousand Bravers- in detail.

Now, Key has announced that they’ll be holding a Rewrite Fes on March 26, 2011, presumably to drum up awareness and get people talking about the visual novel’s release a month later.

Rewrite Fes will feature live dialogue with the creators of the game, including Tonokawa Yuuto, Ryukishi07 and Orito Shinji. Also making an appearance will be Mizutani Runa from NanosizeMir – the group responsible for Rewrite’s OP 「Philosophyz」.

Details are sketchy at the moment, but the ticket price will be ¥1050 which includes a gift. Head to Akibahara if you’re lucky enough to attend this event – ticket orders should be beginning soon.

Check out the Rewrite Fes official page here.


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