Rewrite OP 「Philosophyz」 Unwrapping!

Purchases, Rewrite

The CD arrived this morning via shipment from EMS, together with a To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Clear File.

Some photos taken with a NTTdocomo N-01B, and others with a SH-06A.



Arrived just 10 minutes before I was to leave for university. Took this shot in a hurry.


A big box, filled with sports newspapers.

Hit past the break to see more.

Front Cover

The front cover features all of the main heroines in Rewrite. It also serves as the main title screen in the game when it ships.


Back Cover

You may notice that the CD is in the case facing upside down. The case itself is a thin-profile case.


How It Looks from Outside



The CD looks beautiful. Makes me glad I spend so much money for one, even though there’s the simple option of getting it via…”other means”.



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