Dengeki G’s Magazine November 2010

Dengeki G's

Yes, I realize this is February 2011, not Novvember 2010. But I figured I should go in order nonetheless, as these magazines have been waiting for a post ever since I received them.


As you notice the November 2010 issue prominently featured Misaka Mikoto (or Biribiri). Makes sense as the second season of To Aru Majyutsu no Index began airing on October 2010.



There were three specials for November 2010.

Writing Mat

First up, a Love Plus+ writing mat, or shitajiki. It features all girls on one side, and another girl on the other. I’m not too familiar with Love Plus+ series so pardon my lack of knowledge.


Hit past the break for shower posters!

Shower Poster

Two shower posters came with the magazine, one featuring Nakamura Yuri from Angel Beats! and the other featuring Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.



I love this illustration. Hard to believe it wasn’t Na-Ga that drew this.


Close-up. I’d love to see this in action (^_-)-☆



The magazine itself is fairly standard. In the October 2010 issue, ASCII Media Works promised to expand the comic section size  – and they have delivered. The new series that began in October has continued with the second installment this month.

Of course my main interest in the comic section remains the Little Busters! EX 4-koma.

The front sections of the magazine was taken with an announcement that the To Aru Kagaku (ry series will see a game adaptation on the PSP platform, to be released in April 28, 2011.


4 thoughts on “Dengeki G’s Magazine November 2010

    1. I order all my magazines from Hobby Search – they run both an English and Japanese version of the site. If you buy from them, they will ship it directly to you – which saves you some money because you don’t have to use a middleman.

      The only problem is that since the magazine is quite old, Hobby Search may not have stock left. They usually don’t restock their sold out goods.

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