List of Rewrite Pre-Order Specials


There’s a tradition among PC software stores to bundle a special, limited-production item(s) with a preorder of a visual novel. It’s their way of distinguishing their version and to hopefully attract more customers.

This year’s biggest release, Rewrite, has a lot of stores jumping onto the bandwagon. I thought I’d take some time to provide a near-complete list, so those of you interested in ordering it can decide for yourself.


Price: ¥9240

Special: Hinoue Itaru one-off deluxe art [undetermined]


Price: ¥9240

Special: Konohana Lucia one-off art [undetermined]


Price: ¥9240

Special: Nakatsu Shizuru one-off bed sheet.


Price: ¥6708

Special: none.

Tora no ana 

Price: ¥8778

Special: none 

Price: ¥7980

Special: Ootori Chihaya one-off telephone card



Price: ¥7980

Special: Kanbe Kotori one-off telephone card


From the list, I’d wager that Sofmap and GAMERS will be getting the most orders.



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