Dengeki G’s Festival! Vol. 21



This morning an e-mail came from Hobby Search.

It notified me that Hobby Search has begun taking preorders for Dengeki G’s Festival! Vol.21. It’s going to be a Rewrite-themed pack – and it’s going to contain some awesome goodies.


  • Nakatsu Shizuru dakimakura
  • Ootori Chihaya nendoroid petit

Being a Shizuru lover, it didn’t take long for me to send an order in. Just look at how suggestive she is in that pre-production picture. ¥3800 is easy to part with for Shizuru-tan.


If you’d also like to order one, I’d suggest Hobby Search – they will ship directly to you, and their prices are lower than on Amazon. Better get yours quickly though, they don’t restock their products most of the time.

Item link is here.


10 thoughts on “Dengeki G’s Festival! Vol. 21

        1. How much was it in that store? If you want, you can check out Hobby Search and instead of using EMS (rapid shipping) try SAL (economy air) – it’s much cheaper shipping, but a lot slower. Takes about 2-3 weeks to get to North America.

              1. Ouch, now that you’ve put it into £s it really hurts >.<

                I'm also not allowed to buy anything online, so I'll just be staring at the computer screen for now~

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