Rewrite 2nd OP is Awesome


This video went up on YouTube, submitted by the official Visual Art’s account just in time for April 1.

Rewrite 2nd OP. Shizuru Shizuru Shizuru Shizuru Shizuru Shizuru Shizuru Shizuru (*゚∀゚)=3


Key is known for their April’s Fools jokes. Last year, it was about a supposed R18 version of Rewrite that had been “confirmed”. Of course, there are no plans for such so though users were confused for about a day, Key eventually announced that it was merely a joke.

Same was expected this year; people thought this was an April Fool’s joke and treated it as such. However, it’s already 03:00 April 2, 2011 in Japan as of this writing and no such announcement has been made. Key themselves title the video as being an OP that will be used within the game.

Also featured in the video is a new character whose name nor bio has been revealed – on the character introductions, she’s merely titled as “?”.




5 thoughts on “Rewrite 2nd OP is Awesome

  1. I thought that this was an April Fool’s- but I’m really happy that this is the 2nd OP.

    Loving the screenshots (especially Shizuru!) and the mysterious girl looks nice too :3

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