Rewrite PC Announced


Yesterday, the site for an official Rewrite PC went live at VisualArt’s. Just take a look:

It will come in two flavors, AKN Ver. and Normal Ver. The difference is massive between the two, and so is the price – ¥249,000 for AKN and ¥148,000 for Normal.

The AKN Ver. has the added benefit (besides the hardware) of having a random Key employee sign their laptop!

Much like the Kud Wafter PC last year, both versions of RewritePC will come with system voices for the 5 heroines, as well as 16 special wallpapers (AKN) or 9 special wallpapers (Normal). Both will feature a lid cover featured from the menu background of Rewrite Trial Ver. 2 that went online about two weeks ago.

By the way, according to Tonokawa Yuuto in an update of Key Official Blog, AKN refers to the President of the Occult Reach Society, Senri Akane.



5 thoughts on “Rewrite PC Announced

  1. I really wish they would,instead of plastering an image onto it, actually take some time to create a custom design for the cover… it looks pretty bad

    everything else sounds awesome though

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