Aria the Scarlet Ammo EP1

Aria the Scarlet Ammo

Its one of the many light novel adaptations to air this season. As I covered it a few months ago, the star VA Kugimiya Rie is voicing Aria – a typical loli, flat-chested character role that she excels in.

Also, since last spring’s Angel Beats!, I’ve noticed an increase in the appearance of firearms in anime, which is great for a firearm buff like me.

My comments are at the bottom of this post.


The story is set in an alternate Tokyo, where butei – or armed detectives – are commonplace. Tooyama Kinji is a student attending the butei school, but has thoughts of quitting to live an ordinary life. The events of one morning change this forever.


We start off with some action right away. Kinji is riding a bicycle that has been rigged with explosives and is chased by a Uzi-mounted segway.


More past the break.


Kinji flashes back to the events that led to the opening sequence, from early in the morning.

Kinji is woken by his friend, Hotogi Shirayuki who brings him some awesome food. He checks his emails before he leaves – but narrowly misses the bus. Taking a bicycle to school, the events in the opening sequence occur.


Storage Room

Back to reality, Kinji regains consciousness in a gym storage room, with Aria over him. And we get the first glimpses of what is to become awesome fanservice material here.

Soon after Aria also regains consciousness. She frets about her bra but there’s a more pressing issue here.



Hysteria Mode

Soon the Uzi-mounted segways retreat temporarily. Meanwhile, Kinji enters what is called Hysteria Mode after prolonged exposure to Aria’s deliciously flat chests, causing excitement.


More Fanservice

Hey, everybody loves them.

Aria still thinks that Kinji tried to take her clothes off after the initial blast. Kinji’s different personality after he enters hysteria mode doesn’t help things either, as he thinks that Aria is a middle school girl (a recurring theme with characters that Kugimiya Rie voices).

But in the end Kinji shrugs her off and heads for class – only to discover that Aria is a new student in the class.




I’ve heard a few things about the show from English sites that commented the show was bland and featured a storyline that wasn’t very sophisticated. With that in mind, I watched the first episode.

Personally, I think its quite good. The first episode did have a lot of things happen – and I feel that some parts were slightly awkward (the term pacing comes to my mind). Some parts felt like it transitioned too abruptly. The action is quite dramatic, to the point that some may find it overdramatic. That’s up to the person’s taste.

Given that, I still want to watch the show and comment on it. For one, I do not focus on the storyline as much as many others do. My take is that if it’s a loli moe anime, then it should fulfill that first, with story & co. coming after that. In that respect, Aria the Scarlet Ammo does it nicely.

Recommended if you like lolis, Kugimiya Rie, dramatic actions and firearms.


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