A Channel EP4

A Channel

This time around, the main focus throughout is that of weight.

Yep, the primary concern of all high-school females out there, I’d wager


Episode 4: Kilogram

Tooru and Run are discussing Yuuko’s “nice body” when she walks into the classroom. That triggers Nagi to remember that she’s been working on reducing her weight by 3kg in time for the summer.

Then she remembers that today is pool cleaning day – done in swimsuit.


More past the break.



Meanwhile, being in a different grade Tooru is responsible for cleaning the grounds. The duo shows up again to Tooru’s indifference.


Back to the Pool

The day is proving to be hot and the trio are exhausted.


More Weight

Nagi weighs herself just to find out that her weight has increased 1kg, but as usual with anyone in denial she says it’s the clothing.

She also tries to keep her dieting a secret (because it’s embarrassing in Japan) but Tooru strikes where it hurts the most.

In the end, everyone has different wishes; Tooru wants to get fatter, Yuuko does nothing special to maintain her nice body shape and Nagi desperately wants to get thinner. But hey, let’s forget dieting and go out for an ice cream anyway!



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