2011 Summer NTTdocomo PRIME Series Roundup

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Yes, the apex of high-spec phones, uncontested across the globe. These are perhaps the highest spec phones one can buy at this very moment. Now with the new unlock policies, all phones sold by NTTdocomo are available unlocked – meaning gone are the days of hypersim instability and weak signals.

Well, lets get to it.



Representing the the latest in advanced phones from SHARP, the AQUOS SHOT SH-10C is packed with the latest technology. Featuring a 16.1MP CCD sensor as well as a 3D-capable LCD complemented by a high IPX5/IPX7 waterproofing & IP5X dustproofing, this phone has it all.

The style is reminiscent of STYLE-series models while signaling a break from traditional SHARP design. In fact, the exterior reminds me of a CASIO CA003 from au by KDDI whereas the interior is similar to that of Fujitsu F-03B.

  • 16.1MP CCD sensor, 1080p FULL HD video recording capable, 3D image capable
  • 3.4” New Mobile ASV LCD, FWVGA resolution (854×480), 3D-capable
  • 15.5mm thick (22mm maximum), 139g
  • IPX5/IPX7 waterproofing, IP5X dustproofing
  • 3G/GSM WORLD WING compatible (usable in Canada)
  • Rotating axis display, can be used as touchscreen when folded
  • WiFi (802.11b/g/n)


Fujitsu F-09C


Fujitsu has been a minor player in the handset market prior to its major breakthrough, the F-01A. Since then, it has grown rapidly, setting the benchmark with F-01B, F-04B and the F-06B. The F-09C is Fujitsu’s latest attempt to further raise the bar.

The F-09C is the successor of the F-06B, which introduced their proprietary “Yoko-motion” technology to a waterproof, slider form.

Befitting of the PRIME Series tag, the F-09C features IPX5/IPX8 waterproofing (the highest level achievable commercially). It means that you can immerse this phone in water deeper than 1m for prolonged periods and the phone will still function.

The camera sensor is now soured from Sony, using the 16.3MP Exmor R for Mobile featuring 3D image and video capability, as well as HDR photography.

  • 3.5” FWVGA resolution (854×480), 3D-capable, touchscreen
  • 16.3MP CMOS sensor, 3D image/video capable
  • 15.8mm thick, 138g
  • IPX5/IPX8 waterproofing
  • 3G/GSM WORLD WING compatible (usable in Canada)
  • Yoko-motion display, can turn 180degrees horizontally
  • WiFi (802.11b/g/n)


Casio EXILIM keitai CA-01C


The CA-01C is Casio’s first ever phone produced for NTTdocomo. Before this, Casio was most often associated with au by KDDI for producing many eye-catching models over the last couple of years.

Visually, the CA-01C resembles a CA003/CA005 from about a year ago. However, its specs have seen a great boost in comparison to the two models. The camera is the same Sony unit as the one in the Fujitsu, with the 16.3MP unit that is capable of recording 1080p FULL HD video.

The 3.4” FWVGA display supports glasses-free 3D display and the ability to switch between 2D/3D mode. The phone is protected by IPX5/IPX8 waterproofing, an industry benchmark comparable to the Fujitsu F-09C.

  • 3.4” FWVGA resolution (854×480), 3D-capable
  • 16.3MP CMOS sensor, 3D image/video capable
  • 16.9mm thick, 149g
  • IPX5/IPX8 waterproofing
  • 3G/GSM WORLD WING compatible (usable in Canada)
  • Rotating axis display, can be used as touchscreen when folded
  • FM Transmitter


Panasonic LUMIX Phone P-05C


Panasonic stirred the keitai world with the introduction of its first branded phone, aptly called LUMIX Phone P-03C half a year ago. Since then, the team at Panasonic has worked to improve the user experience while maintaining the familiar shape of the phone.

The biggest news is in the camera. As a first ever for Japanese keitai phones, P-05C features optical image stabilization. This means better looking photos that won’t be affected by vibration and hand movements. This feature becomes most apparent during photo session in low-light conditions, as well as during the capture of 1080p FULL HD video.

  • 3.3” FWVGA resolution (854×480)
  • 13.2MP CMOS sensor, optical image stabilization
  • 17.7mm thick, 149g
  • 3G/GSM WORLD WING compatible (usable in Canada)
  • WiFi (802.11b/g/n)

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