2011 Summer NTTdocomo Smartphone Roundup

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NTTdocomo has released its highly anticipated smartphone lineup for the Summer/Fall 2011 collection. Perhaps the most exciting news is that all phones sold by NTTdocomo will be available for SIM unlock starting with this season, which means you can very well be using one of these phones natively outside Japan!

Here is a quick roundup of the major phones and its features. All (except F-07C) are are based on the Android OS.



As said in the title “WP” the MEDIAS N-06C is a waterproof successor to the N-04C that was release this past February. The N-06C keeps the familiar shape and slimness of the N-04C, while adding IPX5/IPX7 waterproofing. The OS gets upgraded to Android 2.3, with T9 support. Other Japan-specific features include IR, osaifu-keitai i-mode mail and 1seg TV tuner.

  • 4” FWVGA resolution (854×480)
  • 5.1MP CMOS sensor
  • 7.9mm thin, 9.7mm maximum, 113g
  • IPX5/IPX7 waterproofing
  • 3G/GSM WORLD WING compatible (usable in Canada)
  • WiFi (802.11b/g/n), GPS


Fujitsu FMV LOOX F-07C


Fujitsu has entered uncharted territory with the F-07C, which combines a Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit with the tried-and-true Symbian OS that’s on most Japanese keitai handsets. With Windows 7, this phone is more accurately classified as a UMPC – or ultra mobile PC.

This UMPC includes all features that are standard on Japanese keitai handsets. It is aimed mostly towards the people who carry both a smartphone and a Japanese keitai (to augment missing features from smartphones).

  • 4” SVGA resolution (1024×600)
  • 5.1MP CMOS sensor
  • Intel Atom Z600 @ 1.2GHz
  • 19.8mm thick, 218g
  • 32GB SSD
  • 3G/GSM WORLD WING compatible (usable in Canada)
  • WiFi (802.11b/g/n), GPS


Panasonic P-07C


The Panasonic P-07C is Panasonic’s first attempt at the Android smartphone market. Loaded with Android 2.3, the P-07C features a large 4.3” LCD screen as well as Panasonic’s own take on the Android OS.

Other features are very standard for Japanese smartphones (which surpass the specs of overseas smartphones).

  • 4.3” screen
  • 5.1MP CMOS sensor
  • 14mm thick
  • 3G/GSM WORLD WING compatible (usable in Canada)
  • WiFi (802.11b/g/n), GPS




SHARP released their first Android smartphone a year ago in the form of SH-10B, with Android 1.6 and a unique form factor suited to Japanese users. It was followed 6 months ago by a more concentrated effort, resulting in spectacular and groundbreaking phones such as the 003SH (3D display & CCD camera) and SH-03C LYNX 3D. This season, SHARP is focusing on strengthening their 3D portfolio.

The AQUOS PHONE SH-12C incorporates a 3D camera as well as a 3D display. Nearly all specs have received a boost from the 003SH, SHARP’s prior flagship smartphone.

  • 4.2” QHD resolution (960×540), 3D-capable
  • 8.0MP dual sensor w/ProPix engine capable of 3D images and video
  • HDMI-out for playback on TV

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