Dengeki G’s Festival! COMIC Vol. 17

Dengeki G's, Purchases

Its been a while since I’ve ordered something more than a magazine. All my earnings have been going towards a laptop and a dSLR that I’m now taking these photos with.

So when I received the Dengeki G’s Festival! COMIC Vol. 17 earlier today I put my new camera to good use. In addition, I remembered that there’s something pretty nice inside.



Here it is. A Rewrite-themed issue, complete with a Kanbe Kotori dakimakura!


Hit past the break to see the dakimakura and closeups!


Kotori peeks out from behind the plastic…


Spread out in her mighty glory.


Yes, it’s life-sized as with other covers: 155cm x 50cm.

Another view, from a lower angle.


A closeup of her upper body.


And a closeup of her lower body!


Yeah, the dakimakura is great!



I’ve never ordered a Dengeki COMIC issue before, but I was pleasantly surprised; it’s just like 20-year old JUMP magazine that I have somewhere in my room. It’s a thick ass magazine at around 5cm. What’s more, its all manga – nothing else.


Skimming through the issue, there’s all sorts of manga from various genres in there. I think I’ll enjoy reading these when I have time.

In about two weeks, I will be receiving another issue – this time with a dakimakra of a half-naked Nakatsu Shizuru. A week after that would be the release of Rewrite. Good times are ahead for Key fans!


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