A Channel EP6

A Channel

School’s been out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean student life ends for the summer for students in Japan. During the summer, many schools have a mid-summer meet up. Episode 6 centers around what happens on that day.


Hit past the break for more.

A Channel Episode 6: Midnight Summer’s…

As usual Run is having issues waking up. On the way to school, they are reminded to be on the lookout for perverts – just when Sato Sensei pulls up in a car.


No Rushing!

The first years are cleaning the chalk boards, and is dusting off the cloth. Yuuko, being the airhead, mistakes it for a SOS sign.


Midnight School

Yuuko forgot a form that was handed to the class in her desk. Nagi agrees to meet her at the front gate, bringing Run and Tooru with her.

If you like expressions like >_< then this is the part for you!



If you’d remember from previous episodes, Sato Sensei has some medical condition in which he passes out a lot.

After much fight the four bring him to the infirmary, but he goes a bit too overboard…and is knocked out by Tooru again.


Back Home

Just one last segment before the show’s end. Yuuko is such a lovable character.



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