A Channel EP12

A Channel

So it ends. The last episode of A Channel aired last week, and it concludes a series that really shined brighter than anyone expected.


Hit past the break for more.

A Channel Episode 12: Extraterrestrial

Unlike previous episodes which have been disjointed, Episode 11 and 12 link up as one.

Episode 12 continues where 11 left off – Tooru’s fears of her best friend Run, and new friends Yuuko and Nagi leaving her behind as they advance to the third year of high school.

But the day starts off regularly enough.


Yuuko is afraid that Tooru may see Run talking with a male student. She vows to prevent the same thing that happened in Episode 1.


Nagi is stopped by her teacher and asked to deliver some paperwork, but can’t recall Nagi’s name. Kitou-sensei jumps in and gives a lecture which ends up backfiring.


While taking part in a cleanup, Miporin, Yutaka and Tooru find a cat stuck on a tree.


Durian Burger

The four stop at a fast food restaurant for some limited-time Durian Burgers.



Tooru falls asleep and dreams that Run is actually an alien that was inserted into humanity. Tooru is still upset, but seeing Run stepping on the rubber in front of the lobby, she realizes that despite the years going by, Run will never change.



My Thoughts

It was a great anime, one that was certainly worth waiting for. My expectations have been met.

I remember some people writing the series off after Episode 1. Indeed, I think Episode 1 was somewhat disjointed; it lacked focus because it was sort of everywhere. But if anything, A Channel is the reason why you can’t simply stop watching after 1 episode.

When I say great, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s in the same league as Madoka☆Magika or Toradora! and such. A Channel excels in its defined genre as an everyday, slice of life anime. It’s the slice of life anime in the Spring 2011 Anime Season and maybe even beyond.

The other contender this season, Nichijou, has become somewhat of a joke in the Japanese online community – with 日常 爆死 (lit. Nichijou explosion death) becoming a common search term and thread topic. The demise of Nichijou certainly helped A Channel.

In the end, Yuuko’s Kansai-dialect (which I partially speak), Nagi’s coolness, Run’s cluelessness and Tooru’s deliciously skinny legs/flat chests really helped to increase the appeal to me.



2 thoughts on “A Channel EP12

  1. I was unsure after ep1, but this show grew on me, in all I think the show is well balanced, I liked the characters, Tooru being my favorite, in the end it was a enjoyable series.

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