Angel Beats! Visual Novel Progress: Not Good


I have written during November 2010 that Key’s Maeda Jun spoke publicly to an audience at Kyoto University regarding a possible Angel Beats! Visual Novel adaptation. Visual Arts’ President Baba Takahiro then added on Twitter that in 6 month’s time, progress would be evaluated and the project be started.

However, inquiries by several users on twitter and President Baba’s replies have cast the project’s future into doubt.

Q: When will the details of the Angel Beats! game be revealed? I’m most curious about the hardware.

A: Nothing has been decided yet.

Q: I recall that the original schedule called for the evaluation of the scenario writing in 6 month’s time and only then will the project proceed. [We] haven’t had any information and it has been past 6 months, so I am worried.

A: The reality is it hasn’t progressed that far.

Those two tweets by President Baba has set off a storm of speculation regarding the future of Angel Beats! visual novel. Some call for patience seeing that Key visual novels take anywhere from 2-3 years since announcement to hit the shelves; others are more pessimistic.


4 thoughts on “Angel Beats! Visual Novel Progress: Not Good

  1. I was kind of hoping you could ask them again, or keep us updated on what’s the deal with the (hopefully) visual novel being developed…

    Any news would be appreciated!

    1. I would ask, but these things only get updated when Key/Maeda Jun holds a seminar at Kyoto University. That only is done rarely, so we most likely would have to simply wait.

  2. For the stragglers, the VN has been released. Its titled Angel Beats: First Beat and is the first of the six to come. And for people like me, who can’t read Japanese, the game is being localised.

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