Dengeki G’s Magazine May/June 2011

Dengeki G's


After a somewhat luckluster March/April 2011 issues of the G’s Magazine specials, I got my redemption with the May/June 2011 issues.

Click past the break to find out why.

May 2011


After three straight months of covers that featured Aiyoku no Eustia, we get something new – and the topic that was the talk of the visual novel industry for more than 2 years. Rewrite!

The cover is really well illustrated, no doubt. The May issue was printed in mid-April, so it was soon after the April 1 reveal of the sixth heroine in Rewrite, named Kagari. So naturally the magazine covers some aspects of this new, mysterious girl in depth.




May 2011 featured a niitengo figure of Kanbe Kotori, the protagonist’s longtime friend and also a neighbor.

For something so small it’s quite well made. Not PVC-figure territory, of course, but this doesn’t cost 8000yen either.


That’s the end of the May 2011 issue.


June 2011

Following the quite pleasant May 2011 issue is the June 2011 edition. It also did not disappoint.


Somewhat hidden in this picture as I decided to photograph it without removing the cover for some strange reason, but you could probably guess the character.

There’s a photo of the unobstructed cover at the bottom of this post. Again, another well illustrated cover though, and art that (I think) was previously unseen.




Following the footsteps of the May 2011 issue, the June 2011 issue comes with a niitengo figure of the Occult Research Club President, Senri Akane. The figure really brings out her character – she gets a black robe and her face is facing slightly downward with a smirk, creating a slightly menacing atmosphere.

I learned in this edition that the sister publication of G’s Magazine – Dengeki HIME – had also packed niitengo figures in its May/June 2011 editions. The Dengeki HIME versions featured Nakatsu Shizuru and Konohana Lucia. Too bad Dengeki HIME is actually classified as an R-18 magazine because it’s very liberal with HCGs and such (censored, obviously) so Hobby Search doesn’t carry it.


See, I told you it’s a great illustration. Just that makes me happy I bought it.


4 thoughts on “Dengeki G’s Magazine May/June 2011

  1. Nice catches, nice trick to have an ongoing series of small figures to switch to different mags, so people have no choice than to buy a mag they don’t really want. I got the G’s Festival with the Shizuru dakimakura cover and one of the small figure Ohtori Chihaya.

    1. It really is a clever marketing idea. You want all sets, then you gotta buy all these issues.

      Speaking of that, I also have bought the one you speak of. Gonna be uploading that sometime later!

  2. Nice! I was able to get two each of May and June since they had them at the Japanese bookstore by me. I was lucky to find the June HIME at an anime convention so I picked it up there.

    1. Oh, I’m envious that you managed to get your hands on a HIME. I *could* order one from Amazon but going through a deputy service adds a lot of hassle…

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