Aisaka Taiga -last episode- Arrival



Keen observers may have noticed that there haven’t been a post under the “Purchased” category lately.

There are multiple reasons for it. No, I’m not going broke. No, I didn’t lose interest in anime (how could I?). The reason is simple; I’ve decided to concentrate my resources (read: cash) to buy larger items less frequently. Which means the monthly magazine purchases had to go because it was costing me ~$28CAD for every issue. When you put four of those together, you have one full-sized and high-quality figure every four months or so.

Anyhow, enough blabbering. I decided to reward myself and ordered the figure I’ve been looking at ever since last year. I’ll take you through the unboxing steps.


You might be wondering why the box has a tear. It was wrapped around a Canada Post bag apologizing for damage during shipping, so something happened to it during the transit. Thankfully the staff at Hobby Search were generous with packing paper so no damage was done to the box inside.


Hit past the break for more images.


Item Box

The item box was packed with a thin sheet of paper as usual. As mentioned earlier, the item box came intact. Being my first real figure, the box was quite bigger than expected.



Aisaka Taiga

Three years after it aired, Toradora! still wildly popular with anime fans. I guess it has to do with the excellent art and animation as well as a sweet-sour (direct translation from Japanese) love story plot really resonates with a lot of people.

Aisaka Taiga –last episode- recreates the final moment in Episode 24 where Ryuji finds Taiga tucked in a locker at graduation. I won’t ruin the plot for you, but that scene really struck at me. Interested parties can purchase the Toradora! BD-Box when it comes out in December 2011.


My first attempt to desaturate the background. Lightroom isn’t made for this – I’ll try Photoshop later.



Upskirt position. White panties accentuates Taiga’s pureness while her zettai ryouiki is pure delight for fans like me.



Another angle, another shot. It was difficult to prevent blur as I was under low light.



Again with her white panties. They are delicious.



A surprisingly good photo that didn’t turn out blurry. Taiga’s legs are elegantly thin.



Trying to imitate a sideway scene here, if you know what I mean. Taiga looks lonely.



Interesting how angles can change an expression. Here, Taiga looks angry.



I was excited for the arrival of this figure for a while. Its something I haven’t had in a while, to be honest. My decision to purchase this figure was mostly inspired by this photo review from noted figure collector foo-bar-baz.

As noted by foo, the paint quality on this particular figure was slightly rough, but within acceptable limits. That turns out to be my own complaint as well; the rough paint job and uneven plastic parts are visible in some photographs. Being my first figure, perhaps I was expecting too much – but with Taiga now on display to my monitor’s right, it becomes less of a concern.

Regardless of the quality concerns however, it is still a great figure for all Toradora! fans.

For being a great figure that recreated Taiga’s mixed expression in the last scene, I give this figure a 90/100.


4 thoughts on “Aisaka Taiga -last episode- Arrival

  1. sweet, you bought one of the few figures I held back and didn’t buy
    nice review and photos! you should do more!

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