WORKING’!! Episode 1



Here’s another anime that was successful last year in the 2010 anime season. Since WORKING!! aired in Spring 2010, it has gotten relatively small but loyal following. As such, the second season kicked off this week to great fanfare.

Titled WORKING’!! it had a change in staff but you can tell from Episode 1 that the new staff really tried to stay faithful to the original. More importantly, they pulled it off well.

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Episode 1: Popura’s Determination

Episode 1 starts without an opening theme. Rather, it has quick appearances of the cast member at Wagnaria.



Those of you that watched season one would know Takanashi has a fetish for small/tiny things. It hasn’t changed, and Popura has her feelings hurt by Takanashi’s constant patting.



Popura dashes off crying. Meanwhile, Mahiru talks to Takanashi and urges him to stop calling Popura small and cute…though Takanashi illustrates that Mahiru has problems of her own. During all this, Yamada breaks yet another dish.

In the end, with help from Sato who convinces Popura that being called cute is a good thing, Takanashi and Popura reconcile.



However Takanashi’s happiness isn’t to last too long – Kyoko-san, the store manager kills a bug after Yachiyo begs her to do so. Takanashi eventually loses his mind, causing Mahiru to punch him. Sato and Souma also play a trick on Popura, telling her that eating a gecko will cause her to grow.




It’s been a long time waiting for the fans of WORKING!!, but Episode 1 proves it has been worth it. The change in production team did not affect the quality or feel of the anime at all, as it continues on with the typical 4koma slice of life anime template that’s worked well for season one.


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