WORKING’!! Episode 2


Another week, another episode. This time the focus is on Yamada, the girl with purple hair.


Hit past the break for an overview of the episode.

Episode 2: The Ideal Family Planning

Yamada is jealous. She’s jealous of the amount of attention she receives from Takanashi every day. Being an orphan that was picked up somewhere and taken to Wagnaria, she misses having a family.

Episode 2 is mostly about Yamada’s determination to find someone she can call family.

She first tries Takanashi, but you can clearly see his change in attitude…


Yamada then tries Souma, but he rebuffs her plans. So Popura and Yamada decide to stalk Souma and what they hear traumatizes them forever.


Mahiru meanwhile is dealing with her own feelings towards Takanashi. Popura, noticing this, tries to steer Takanashi towards Mahiru…


By this time, Yamada noticed that the only person that she can call “family” is Oto-san, the guy that comes back once every few episodes. But of course it’s Yamada; once she decides on something there are no bounds.


All the while Yamada clings onto Oto-san, Popura deals with her own problems – Sato-san always toys around with Popura. Wanting it to stop, she develops a bold plan to get back at Sato.


As Oto-san started feeling irritated at Yamada, Popura comes into explain why she’s so clingy. Knowing the real reason, everyone becomes teary…but Oto hurries out to another business trip when he learns Yamada wants him to adopt her as a child.



Phew, that was a long episode. WORKING’!! 2nd season seems to have taken a turn towards more gags/jokes than last season. It does make for some quite hilarious moments; if you haven’t had the time to see WORKING’!! yet, I suggest you check it out.


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