Sasasegawa Sasami -Alter Ver- Review



It has been two months since my review of the Aisaka Taiga -the last episode- by Kotobukiya in September 2011.

See the review: Aisaka Taiga -the last episode- review.

As I said back then, I decided to pool my money into buying a PVC figure every now and then. I’ve seen figures before thanks to Kaionlriu who owns a roommful, but I’ve never realized that owning one is actually quite nice. So when the Sasasegawa Sasami -Alter Ver- was restocked at HOBBY SEARCH, I immediately ordered one.

Anyhow, let’s start the review of Sasasegawa Sasami -Alter Ver-.

All photos are taken with Canon EOS 1000D with Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.7 lens.


This time around, the box arrived in perfect condition unlike the mess Canada Post made last time.



Item Box

The item box was not wrapped in a thin sheet of paper this time around, but it was packed very snugly in the larger box. Given that Sasami is in a sitting-down position, it did not call for a large box which probably helped with the shipping cost, too.



Sasasegawa Sasami

Sasasegawa Sasami is a sub-heroine from the series Little Busters! which was an all-ages visual novel produced by Key in 2007. In that role, she was somewhat of a villain that interfered with the missions carried out by Little Busters! (this time referring to the group).

She was subsequently upgraded to a full-fledged heroine for a R-18 version of Little Busters! and received her own scenario and storyline.


One of the first shots taken. Alter does an excellent job every time.



From a slightly different angle. Her expression changes depending on how you look at it.



One of my confident shots. The best angle in my opinion is about 35°.



A lot of attention went to her pantsu as well. For Sasami, a simple black one accents her status as Queen of the cats.



Sasasegawa Sasami feat. Sasasegawa Sasami. Typing that strained my left hand.



What I consider to be my best shot. The contrast of her bright, purple hair against a black monitor is brilliant.



Sasami’s long, flowing strands of hair is recreated perfectly by Alter.



With Aisaka Taiga, Nakano Azusa and my EF-S 18-55mm lens in the background.



As the second figure I’ve ever bought, there isn’t the same level of excitement and nervousness one gets with their first purchase. But I was still very excited for the arrival of this figure, because I knew beforehand just how great it looked. That’s because my friend Kaionlriu who I mentioned earlier actually purchased this figure when it originally went on sale last year.



There’s a reason why many consider Alter to be the king of PVC figure makers. The exceptional attention to detail by the sculptors; the exceptional recreation of the said details; and the flawless paint job are just some of the qualities you can expect from Alter.

In my last review of Aisaka Taiga, I mentioned the presence of some rough plastic parts and the occasional bad paint. No such problems exist for Sasami. Her shirt/skirt is finished in a glossy fashion with excellent detail; her long, thick purple hair has consistent shade throughout; and her long thighhigh socks are in a perfect shade of light purple with dark accents.

In short, Alter is King.




It’s everything one can expect from a figure, plus some more.


2 thoughts on “Sasasegawa Sasami -Alter Ver- Review

  1. I thought of getting this figure, but other things caught my eye, agree that Alter does a good job for their nice figures, I have plenty of them 🙂

    1. Good to hear from you! I see that HS is having more Alter stuff coming in soon, and I’m seriously considering some Strike Witches for my desk too.

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