Toradora! Blu-ray vs. DVD


It’s only a few days left until the Toradora! Blu-ray box goes on sale.

To commemorate the release of the Blu-ray box, there was an early preview for lucky select fans on December 13, 2011.

Even on the big screen, the quality difference was noticeable right from the OP. To drive the point further, Impress AV Watch compared the quality of Toradora! SD against HD.







Considering Toradora! was made in Standard Definition, the team went to great efforts to upscale the original images. And it seems the effort has paid off.

Remember, the Toradora! Blu-ray box also contains an OVA made just for this release.

Grab your Toradora! Blu-ray box set for 29,000 yen at Amazon Japan.

Original article.

2 thoughts on “Toradora! Blu-ray vs. DVD

  1. Often wondered about BD quality, it seems the picture is sharper and the colors improved, but the price for japanese BD seems high, money is often what keeps you from buying everything you want, it hurts when you can’t get some of the things you want 😦

    1. I agree, though what’s crazy is that even the high price for a BD box is still cheap compared to buying all volumes one by one, apparently.

      Or, we can simply wait for the North American versions to hit Amazon 🙂

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