A Channel Getting OVA

A Channel


The buzz around A Channel is not dying yet, as the popular Spring 2011 anime is getting an OVA release.


A Channel is not ending just yet! OVA is coming! Please wait for more info down the road!!

No word on how the OVA will be delivered or when it will come, but it’s something to look forward to for A Channel fans like myself.


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A Channel EP12

A Channel

So it ends. The last episode of A Channel aired last week, and it concludes a series that really shined brighter than anyone expected.


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A Channel EP11

A Channel

As the season gets warmer, Tooru has a dream where her best friend Run leaves her amidst a flurry of cherry blossoms.

As it turns out, it’s almost Tooru’s birthday. And this season holds special memories for both Tooru and Run. It’s an episode of recollection and memories.


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