One Year: Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami

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Japan marked the one year anniversary of one of the most devastating natural disasters in recorded history.

At 14:46 on March 11, 2012, the nation came to a standstill as an one-minute moment of silence was observed. I also participated from the East Coast of Canada, at 00:46 of March 11, 2012 in marking this tragic anniversary.

As I have mentioned to some of my friends and twitter followers, my continued interest with the earthquake and tsunami roots from the fact that I experienced the Great Hanshin earthquake while I lived in Kaisai region. Though I was not in the hardest hit city of Kobe, the experience of Shindo 4 when I was merely 5 years old forever etches certain things into your mind.

In the aftermath, I spent three sleepless weeks as I followed every incident happening in my homeland. You have no idea how it feels to be so helpless as you watch your homeland face a crisis not unlike that of war.

I hope some of the people reading this will convey on the message from the Emperor, the Japanese people and supporters of Japan throughout the world, that:

I deeply thank the people of the world who gave tremendous support to the people of Japan in this time of need.

                                                                                                       – Emperor Akihito

Remember that life is precious but fragile. Enjoy the joys of living, because to borrow a famous quote, the day you wasted is a day that someone else wanted to live.


6 Months From That Fateful Day


Today, 6 months ago, Japan was struck by a series of catastrophic disasters that plunged the nation down to the deepest crisis since the conclusion of the Pacific War.

6 months later, the world moves on. But there’s one simple thing I ask.

Remember what happened.

It must not be forgotten. It cannot be forgotten.

Rewrite Unpacking

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Rewrite went on sale on June 24, 2011 but it took until July 7, 2011 for it to arrive on my doorstep – blame the Canadian Postal Worker’s strike for that. Otherwise it would have been here before June 31, 2011…

Anyhow, I took some quick photos when it arrived, as I was leaving for a vacation to China on that day.



The package arrived at 10:30am. You could imagine I was very happy about it.


Box, specials and disc photos past the break.

C80 Cosplay Collection Part 2

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A few hours after posting the original C80 Cosplay Collection article, I came across another thread – this time, slightly more ecchi.

So, without further ado, here they are – enjoy!


C80 Cosplay Collection

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Comicket 80 (C80) concluded earlier today after setting a one-day record of 200,000 visitors and a three-day tally of 540,000 visitors.

For the cosplayers, it was an important day as the regulations were loosened for C80, allowing for objects longer than 30cm to be brought in. This in turn led to a more colorful cosplay session compared to previous years.

Below are some of the nicer photos that I’ve picked from a 2ch C80 Cosplay thread.

Click on any to see it in its original size. Link to original thread is at the bottom of this post.



Original Thread is Here.