Key Soundtrack Suite

Angel Beats!, Kud Wafter, Nicovideo, Visual Novels

Or in Japanese, 「美少女ゲーム組曲」 was on live broadcast on Nicovideo yesterday morning.

What is it? Well, it was a 60-minute nonstop suite of Key soundtracks. The live broadcast started at 5am PDT – probably not a time when many “sane” people are awake (^^)v

One of the major excitement was hearing the Rewrite OP. I haven’t started Rewrite yet, so it was the first time for me – and it sounds very different from previous Key music. I really liked it – will probably be buying the maxi single when it comes out a few month before Rewrite.

Something else the viewers found out in the livecast; it was an official livecast from Key – so that means many of the important figures at Key, like Shimizu Jun’ichi, Tsunokawa Yuuto and even Maeda Jun were probably watching this as well. Even the CEO of VisualArt’s commented on his Twitter that he was watching the replay. Nice!

Hit past the break for some screenshots of the event.