Sasasegawa Sasami -Alter Ver- Review



It has been two months since my review of the Aisaka Taiga -the last episode- by Kotobukiya in September 2011.

See the review: Aisaka Taiga -the last episode- review.

As I said back then, I decided to pool my money into buying a PVC figure every now and then. I’ve seen figures before thanks to Kaionlriu who owns a roommful, but I’ve never realized that owning one is actually quite nice. So when the Sasasegawa Sasami -Alter Ver- was restocked at HOBBY SEARCH, I immediately ordered one.

Anyhow, let’s start the review of Sasasegawa Sasami -Alter Ver-.

All photos are taken with Canon EOS 1000D with Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm f/1.7 lens.

Aisaka Taiga -last episode- Arrival



Keen observers may have noticed that there haven’t been a post under the “Purchased” category lately.

There are multiple reasons for it. No, I’m not going broke. No, I didn’t lose interest in anime (how could I?). The reason is simple; I’ve decided to concentrate my resources (read: cash) to buy larger items less frequently. Which means the monthly magazine purchases had to go because it was costing me ~$28CAD for every issue. When you put four of those together, you have one full-sized and high-quality figure every four months or so.

Anyhow, enough blabbering. I decided to reward myself and ordered the figure I’ve been looking at ever since last year. I’ll take you through the unboxing steps.


You might be wondering why the box has a tear. It was wrapped around a Canada Post bag apologizing for damage during shipping, so something happened to it during the transit. Thankfully the staff at Hobby Search were generous with packing paper so no damage was done to the box inside.


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Rewrite Unpacking

Japan, Purchases, Rewrite, Visual Novels

Rewrite went on sale on June 24, 2011 but it took until July 7, 2011 for it to arrive on my doorstep – blame the Canadian Postal Worker’s strike for that. Otherwise it would have been here before June 31, 2011…

Anyhow, I took some quick photos when it arrived, as I was leaving for a vacation to China on that day.



The package arrived at 10:30am. You could imagine I was very happy about it.


Box, specials and disc photos past the break.

Dengeki G’s Magazine March/April 2011

Dengeki G's


My catch-up continues. I have opened the box for the March 2011 issue of Dengeki G’s Magazine before I left for a trip to China, but I was not able to publish it in time. This, combined with the censorship of WordPress from the PRC meant I had no choice.

Hit past the break for coverage of two issues.