Important Notice about blog


Hey guys.

It’s been some time since I’ve updated this blog.

As some may have discovered already, I have started working at Research In Motion, the makers of BlackBerry smartphones beginning this January.

This means that I have significantly less time every day for myself, as I work a 8-9 hour day. This leaves practically no time left for any of my hobbies, much less updating the blog frequently with new articles.


As such, this blog will be put on hiatus for the forseeable future. All articles will remain, and the blog won’t be shut down, but there simply won’t be any regular updates for some time. I will still try to squeeze in an article once in a while, however.

It has been a great two years running this blog, and I really appreciate all the visitors that provided me with motivation to continue updating. I couldn’t have made it here without your support.




Angel Beats! Visual Novel Progress: Not Good


I have written during November 2010 that Key’s Maeda Jun spoke publicly to an audience at Kyoto University regarding a possible Angel Beats! Visual Novel adaptation. Visual Arts’ President Baba Takahiro then added on Twitter that in 6 month’s time, progress would be evaluated and the project be started.

However, inquiries by several users on twitter and President Baba’s replies have cast the project’s future into doubt.

Q: When will the details of the Angel Beats! game be revealed? I’m most curious about the hardware.

A: Nothing has been decided yet.

Q: I recall that the original schedule called for the evaluation of the scenario writing in 6 month’s time and only then will the project proceed. [We] haven’t had any information and it has been past 6 months, so I am worried.

A: The reality is it hasn’t progressed that far.

Those two tweets by President Baba has set off a storm of speculation regarding the future of Angel Beats! visual novel. Some call for patience seeing that Key visual novels take anywhere from 2-3 years since announcement to hit the shelves; others are more pessimistic.

New blog!


So this is my new blog; coming back to this whole blogging scene exactly a year after I left it after TECH114.

Expect to find a lot about my recent stuff here, ranging from recent purchases to political discussions. Blogging is much better for this than Facebook is, so yeah.