Rewrite Getting a Fandisc

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Yes, that’s right.

Those in the Key visual novel scene know that Rewrite was released to great fanfare and expectations on June 24, 2011. Since then, the buzz has calmed down somewhat but people praise the different feel Rewrite offers compared to previous Key visual novels.

And now, Rewrite was so successful that Key is making a fandisc, titled Rewrite ~Harvest festa.~.


Release date is still unknown, however.


Rewrite Unpacking

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Rewrite went on sale on June 24, 2011 but it took until July 7, 2011 for it to arrive on my doorstep – blame the Canadian Postal Worker’s strike for that. Otherwise it would have been here before June 31, 2011…

Anyhow, I took some quick photos when it arrived, as I was leaving for a vacation to China on that day.



The package arrived at 10:30am. You could imagine I was very happy about it.


Box, specials and disc photos past the break.

Rewrite PC Announced


Yesterday, the site for an official Rewrite PC went live at VisualArt’s. Just take a look:

It will come in two flavors, AKN Ver. and Normal Ver. The difference is massive between the two, and so is the price – ¥249,000 for AKN and ¥148,000 for Normal.

The AKN Ver. has the added benefit (besides the hardware) of having a random Key employee sign their laptop!

Much like the Kud Wafter PC last year, both versions of RewritePC will come with system voices for the 5 heroines, as well as 16 special wallpapers (AKN) or 9 special wallpapers (Normal). Both will feature a lid cover featured from the menu background of Rewrite Trial Ver. 2 that went online about two weeks ago.

By the way, according to Tonokawa Yuuto in an update of Key Official Blog, AKN refers to the President of the Occult Reach Society, Senri Akane.


More Info on Rewrite’s Mysterious Girl


Remember a few days ago a video titled Rewrite OP went up on YouTube from the official VisualArt’s account? A new girl who had no name appeared in that video that looked like this:



Some information is now published thanks to a magazine.


According to this snippet, her name is Kagari and more importantly, she will be voiced by our lovely and gorgeous Hanazawa Kana!

Maybe this means that she’s beginning her transformation to a Key-centric voice actor? Who knows.

Now we just need Takekatsu Ayana to join in too.