VOCALOID3 Has An Official Name


It was revealed yesterday (August 5, 2011) that the third iteration of the wildly successful voice synthesizer “VOCALOID” will be named Aoki Lapis.

Check out the image at its official home page below.


A lot of reactions center on how this VOCALOID will do against Hatsune Miku, which has now garnered a reputation for being the “Newbie-killer”. True enough, none of the later releases have been as successful as Hatsune Miku has been.

Voice actor is not available at the moment, nor is a sample voice.



Nendoroid Plus Hatsune Miku–Sakura Version- Revealed



Weeks after introducing the Snow version of the Miku Nendoroid in celebration of the Sapporo Snow Festival, Good Smile Company again came forth today to reveal the Sakura version of its popular Nendoroid Plus line.

Details are sketchy but as you can see from the image, the figure will be 35mm tall.