WORKING’!! Episode 2


Another week, another episode. This time the focus is on Yamada, the girl with purple hair.


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WORKING’!! Episode 1



Here’s another anime that was successful last year in the 2010 anime season. Since WORKING!! aired in Spring 2010, it has gotten relatively small but loyal following. As such, the second season kicked off this week to great fanfare.

Titled WORKING’!! it had a change in staff but you can tell from Episode 1 that the new staff really tried to stay faithful to the original. More importantly, they pulled it off well.

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A Channel EP11

A Channel

As the season gets warmer, Tooru has a dream where her best friend Run leaves her amidst a flurry of cherry blossoms.

As it turns out, it’s almost Tooru’s birthday. And this season holds special memories for both Tooru and Run. It’s an episode of recollection and memories.


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