Angel Beats! Kanade Bed Sheet

Angel Beats!

It’s been relatively quiet on the Angel Beats! front recently. The anime ended over a year ago and the last Blu-Ray discs went on sale about a year ago.

However, fans rejoice! We have another destructive product coming out this winter featuring Tachibana Kanade.

Cue the Kanade Bedsheet!


I’m reading that it’s an official product of VisualArts’/Key, but details are scant at the moment.

This awesome bedsheet is slated to go on sale anytime this week.


Angel Beats! Visual Novel Progress: Not Good


I have written during November 2010 that Key’s Maeda Jun spoke publicly to an audience at Kyoto University regarding a possible Angel Beats! Visual Novel adaptation. Visual Arts’ President Baba Takahiro then added on Twitter that in 6 month’s time, progress would be evaluated and the project be started.

However, inquiries by several users on twitter and President Baba’s replies have cast the project’s future into doubt.

Q: When will the details of the Angel Beats! game be revealed? I’m most curious about the hardware.

A: Nothing has been decided yet.

Q: I recall that the original schedule called for the evaluation of the scenario writing in 6 month’s time and only then will the project proceed. [We] haven’t had any information and it has been past 6 months, so I am worried.

A: The reality is it hasn’t progressed that far.

Those two tweets by President Baba has set off a storm of speculation regarding the future of Angel Beats! visual novel. Some call for patience seeing that Key visual novels take anywhere from 2-3 years since announcement to hit the shelves; others are more pessimistic.

Dengeki G’s Magazine December 2010

Dengeki G's

Yes, I realize it is May 2011 but due to the staggering amount of work I had to do in the last two semesters, I have had 5 issues of G’s Magazine pile up on me without warning. Here’s my attempt to cover what’s relevant, 5 months after the fact.


December 2010’s cover predominantly featured Kanbe Kotori, one of the main female protagonist from Key’s latest work, Rewrite.


More photos of the specials past the break.