OreImo & To Aru Collaboration Bus!

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai

Sighted at Akibahara:


What’s that?


It’s a bus featuring Index from the To Aru series!


There’s also a Kirino version running amok as well, advertising her newest PSP game, to go on sale today.


This kind of open mind is why Japan is such an awesome place.


[K-ON!!] Another K-ON!!×LAWSON Tieup, Tea Again


Yui Approves, I guess?


After the wildly successful initial tieup event which saw record number of Afternoon Tea drinks shipped, there are good reasons the convenience store chain LAWSON would love to repeat its success with another product this time.

In a recent announcement LAWSON revealed another tieup campaign in the works with K-ON!! again taking the helm. Prizes haven’t been announced, but the target product has: it turns out to be, you guessed it, a tea drink. No particular brand name mentioned yet though.

A blurry photo of the prize has been revealed, a keychain:


Nothing else known so far other than above.

So, the milking continues. Can’t say I didn’t expect it from the anime that produced multiple Oricon #1 hits, K-ON!! branded socks and the signed guitar that sold for a final price of over $36,000 (after two joke bids). It’s not just an anime, its now a craze.