Toradora! Blu-ray vs. DVD


It’s only a few days left until the Toradora! Blu-ray box goes on sale.

To commemorate the release of the Blu-ray box, there was an early preview for lucky select fans on December 13, 2011.

Even on the big screen, the quality difference was noticeable right from the OP. To drive the point further, Impress AV Watch compared the quality of Toradora! SD against HD.







Considering Toradora! was made in Standard Definition, the team went to great efforts to upscale the original images. And it seems the effort has paid off.

Remember, the Toradora! Blu-ray box also contains an OVA made just for this release.

Grab your Toradora! Blu-ray box set for 29,000 yen at Amazon Japan.

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K-ON!! The Movie Partial Details


The PR account for K-ON!! The Movie made a tweet made just an hour ago (2011-08-12 22:46PDT/2011-08-13 14:46JST) that looked like this:


In the upcoming K-ON!! movie, the Ho-kago Tea Time will be visiting Great Britain on a grad trip! Please look forward to the movie!

That’s one more mystery (?) unraveled from what’s sure to be one of the year’s biggest hit movies.

Let’s just hope they’ll be safe from the riots sweeping the nation…

WORKING!! 2nd Season Screencap Leaked


From the least of all sources you’d expect, the official WAGNARIA twitter account.


This screencap has a timecode (seen at bottom right) meaning that it’s pretty much a completed product.

There were some initial concerns regarding the 2nd season because of an illustration that appeared in NewType a few months ago, which featured art styles that were slightly different from the original. It was bad enough that it caused many on 2ch to downgrade their expectations for the 2nd season. though with this screencap it seems the original art style has been kept.

Meanwhile, the official twitter account also has reported on the progress of the 2nd season in the making. So far, it has been going quite smoothly and it is set to air beginning October 2011 on 9 different networks.


Rewrite PC Announced


Yesterday, the site for an official Rewrite PC went live at VisualArt’s. Just take a look:

It will come in two flavors, AKN Ver. and Normal Ver. The difference is massive between the two, and so is the price – ¥249,000 for AKN and ¥148,000 for Normal.

The AKN Ver. has the added benefit (besides the hardware) of having a random Key employee sign their laptop!

Much like the Kud Wafter PC last year, both versions of RewritePC will come with system voices for the 5 heroines, as well as 16 special wallpapers (AKN) or 9 special wallpapers (Normal). Both will feature a lid cover featured from the menu background of Rewrite Trial Ver. 2 that went online about two weeks ago.

By the way, according to Tonokawa Yuuto in an update of Key Official Blog, AKN refers to the President of the Occult Reach Society, Senri Akane.


More Info on Rewrite’s Mysterious Girl


Remember a few days ago a video titled Rewrite OP went up on YouTube from the official VisualArt’s account? A new girl who had no name appeared in that video that looked like this:



Some information is now published thanks to a magazine.


According to this snippet, her name is Kagari and more importantly, she will be voiced by our lovely and gorgeous Hanazawa Kana!

Maybe this means that she’s beginning her transformation to a Key-centric voice actor? Who knows.

Now we just need Takekatsu Ayana to join in too.