[AB!] GirlDeMo Live BD Release Cancelled?

Angel Beats!

An interesting tweet from Visual Art’s President Baba Takahiro, also known as @vavasyatyou on twitter, dropped a (sort of) bombshell on the Angel Beats! community.

Baba Takahiro/Visual Art’s


For those unaware, Visual Art’s is the eroge company to which Key and many other smaller studios belong to. Think of it as a parent company of several eroge studios. They provide a way to market the products and provide a standard platform for all companies to use.



The recorded material for the GirlDeMo live was not HD….?


Checking the authenticity [of the report]. But if true then I have just lost the will to sell [the BD-R release].


I mean think about it, DVD in 2011…orz


No, no. (presumably confirming that it isn’t HD-quality).


There has not been newer tweets about this issue and it has been (nearly) 2 days, so chances are the recordings are indeed not up to BD quality.

So, it looks like we won’t be seeing a high definition release of the GirlDeMo live from December 2010. What a bummer.

Girls Dead Monster Last Live Tickets Now A Premium Item

Angel Beats!, Japan

The highly coveted tickets to the final Girls Dead Monster live ever has sold out completely from all official avenues. So what happens if you weren’t lucky enough to be selected as one of the winners?

You go to Yahoo! Auctions and buy one, that’s what!


This one sold for ¥156,000, which is about $1850CAD/USD as of December 18.

Not to be outdone, another crazy fellow then paid ¥223,000 or $2690CAD/USD a few days later.


Some amazing prices people are paying to become a part of the Girls Dead Monster legacy.

Speaking of which…


Us foreign-based fans still won’t be able to take part, but the organizers have decided that instead of leaving the thousands of willing fans out of the action, they’ll pioneer other ways to satisfy them.

So they paired up with Nicovideo to offer a live stream of the concert. You’ll still need to purchase a ticket, but at ¥1500 apiece it’s a lot more reasonable than ¥223,000. Only Japanese-issued credit cards are accepted however, as per Nicovideo policy.

Angel Beats! Fes -Thousand Bravers-

Angel Beats!, Japan

There was a one-night, one-time only "festival" celebrating Angel Beats! that took place in Japan last night.

Also, some curious quotes (about future of AB!) from the VAs down below!

Here are some of the photos I’ve collected from the ‘net, and how it went!


The limited, 300-only tickets to buy a mapo tofu dinner.


Here’s what it looked like.