C80 Cosplay Collection Part 2

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A few hours after posting the original C80 Cosplay Collection article, I came across another thread – this time, slightly more ecchi.

So, without further ado, here they are – enjoy!



C80 Cosplay Collection

Japan, News

Comicket 80 (C80) concluded earlier today after setting a one-day record of 200,000 visitors and a three-day tally of 540,000 visitors.

For the cosplayers, it was an important day as the regulations were loosened for C80, allowing for objects longer than 30cm to be brought in. This in turn led to a more colorful cosplay session compared to previous years.

Below are some of the nicer photos that I’ve picked from a 2ch C80 Cosplay thread.

Click on any to see it in its original size. Link to original thread is at the bottom of this post.



Original Thread is Here.

VOCALOID3 Has An Official Name


It was revealed yesterday (August 5, 2011) that the third iteration of the wildly successful voice synthesizer “VOCALOID” will be named Aoki Lapis.

Check out the image at its official home page below.


A lot of reactions center on how this VOCALOID will do against Hatsune Miku, which has now garnered a reputation for being the “Newbie-killer”. True enough, none of the later releases have been as successful as Hatsune Miku has been.

Voice actor is not available at the moment, nor is a sample voice.