K-ON!! The Movie Partial Details


The PR account for K-ON!! The Movie made a tweet made just an hour ago (2011-08-12 22:46PDT/2011-08-13 14:46JST) that looked like this:


In the upcoming K-ON!! movie, the Ho-kago Tea Time will be visiting Great Britain on a grad trip! Please look forward to the movie!

That’s one more mystery (?) unraveled from what’s sure to be one of the year’s biggest hit movies.

Let’s just hope they’ll be safe from the riots sweeping the nation…


K-ON!! Continuation features both University and Highschool Life

K-ON!!, News

This just in:


This appeared within the pages of Manga Time Kirara. It’s a follow-up of the previous month’s news announcement.

From this, it’s clear that the K-ON!! series will be diverging into two branches:

  • University Life: featuring Tainaka Ritsu, Hirasawa Yui, Akiyama Mio and Kotobuki Tsumugi.
  • Highschool Life: featuring Nakano Azusa, Hirasawa Ui, Suzuki Jun.

From this, it looks like Ui and Jun will be joining keion-bu as new members, with Azusa as the leader.

The new series will restart in the May and June edition.

K-ON!! The Movie Coming 2011.12.03

K-ON!!, News

It’s official. Look at the Ho-kago Tea Time members jump in joy!


It was confirmed during the just-concluded K-ON!! 「Come with Me! 」 live event that the K-ON!! movie will be airing in Japan on December 3rd, 2011.

It will feature the same cast and setting as the TV anime (during highschool) but will be a distinct story, separate from the TV anime.

Kyoto Animation, or KyoAni will be handling the animation, once again.

[K-ON!!] Lawson Campaign Guitar was Signed, on Yahoo! Auctions



Remember about a month or two back, I reported that the drink maker Kirin Beverages saw record amount of shipment of their popular drink Afternoon Tea. The extraordinary sales number was fuelled by a K-ON!! × Afternoon Tea campaign at Lawson.

The top prize, awarded to 5 lucky winners, was a model of guitar that Yui uses in the anime.


When the winners received their guitars though, they were in for a pleasant surprise:


It was signed by the cast of HTT. That instantly turned this into a highly coveted collector’s item.


One winner was quick to take advantage of this however.

The item made it on Yahoo! Auctions Japan and quickly rose to ¥266,000, or roughly $3200CAD, and still rising (presumably).


Whoever that’s buying this is either one rich otaku or is stealing money from somewhere to pay for this.

But who knows. Otakus may hold the key to turning around a 20-year stagnation of the Japanese economy.


This auction has officially hit ridiculous levels as someone probably entered a ridiculous bid.


If true that would put this at more than $119,000,000CAD.