K-ON!! The Movie Coming 2011.12.03

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It’s official. Look at the Ho-kago Tea Time members jump in joy!


It was confirmed during the just-concluded K-ON!! 「Come with Me! 」 live event that the K-ON!! movie will be airing in Japan on December 3rd, 2011.

It will feature the same cast and setting as the TV anime (during highschool) but will be a distinct story, separate from the TV anime.

Kyoto Animation, or KyoAni will be handling the animation, once again.

K-ON!! 「Come with Me!!」 Live Draws Huge Crowds



The K-ON!! Live event, titled 「Come with Me!!」 is taking place today (February 20) in the Saitama Super Arena, outside Tokyo.

While people have begun lining up well before 6AM, some gave periodical updates over twitter and 2ch of the current situation.


There were supposedly 5000 people lined up already, at 6AM.






This…almost reminds me of Comiket.

There was also a Nico fellow who gave a live broadcast from the line.

Nico Live



The K-ON!! live is decidedly more…quiet in comparison to the Angel Beats! Fes that took place last August, however. Cosplayers are nowhere to be seen and (almost) everyone is wearing black for some reason.

Stay tuned for a post-event report to come soon!