K-ON!! Series to Restart, Possibly About University Life?


Word just got out in Japan that there was a BIG K-ON!! related announcement in the comic magazine Manga Time Kirara.


K-ON!! the animation just finished airing after 3 total cours on-air, spawning a wildly successful franchise. Any announcement involving K-ON!! is bound to be something big.

And Kakifly delivers.


The letters in the middle read:

The original K-ON!, restarting on Kirara this Spring!

The words below that read:

Thanks to the sensei (Kakifly) a new page in Yui & co.’s saga begins! […cut off]

Now there’s not enough information out there to determine just what exactly this means for the K-ON!! series. Will it be simply a re-run of the current comics, or will it be an entirely new series? 2ch seems to think that it’s the latter.

The crowd commenting on 2ch wasn’t entirely pleased by the idea of restarting K-ON!!. User ID 2Br9Vmtc0 commented:

I respected K-ON!! since it ended when it was popular. Now it’s just the same as other series that continue on endlessly until it rots. Lost respect.

Rest of the thread echoed similar thoughts.

What do you think about K-ON!! possibly continuing onto Yui, Mio, Ritsu and Mugi’s university life?

Update 2011-02-12

A new, clearer photo from Manga Time Kirara thanks to a 2ch user!



[K-ON!!] Another K-ON!!×LAWSON Tieup, Tea Again


Yui Approves, I guess?


After the wildly successful initial tieup event which saw record number of Afternoon Tea drinks shipped, there are good reasons the convenience store chain LAWSON would love to repeat its success with another product this time.

In a recent announcement LAWSON revealed another tieup campaign in the works with K-ON!! again taking the helm. Prizes haven’t been announced, but the target product has: it turns out to be, you guessed it, a tea drink. No particular brand name mentioned yet though.

A blurry photo of the prize has been revealed, a keychain:


Nothing else known so far other than above.

So, the milking continues. Can’t say I didn’t expect it from the anime that produced multiple Oricon #1 hits, K-ON!! branded socks and the signed guitar that sold for a final price of over $36,000 (after two joke bids). It’s not just an anime, its now a craze.

[K-ON!!] Lawson Campaign Guitar was Signed, on Yahoo! Auctions



Remember about a month or two back, I reported that the drink maker Kirin Beverages saw record amount of shipment of their popular drink Afternoon Tea. The extraordinary sales number was fuelled by a K-ON!! × Afternoon Tea campaign at Lawson.

The top prize, awarded to 5 lucky winners, was a model of guitar that Yui uses in the anime.


When the winners received their guitars though, they were in for a pleasant surprise:


It was signed by the cast of HTT. That instantly turned this into a highly coveted collector’s item.


One winner was quick to take advantage of this however.

The item made it on Yahoo! Auctions Japan and quickly rose to ¥266,000, or roughly $3200CAD, and still rising (presumably).


Whoever that’s buying this is either one rich otaku or is stealing money from somewhere to pay for this.

But who knows. Otakus may hold the key to turning around a 20-year stagnation of the Japanese economy.


This auction has officially hit ridiculous levels as someone probably entered a ridiculous bid.


If true that would put this at more than $119,000,000CAD.

[K-ON!!] Limited Edition Sneakers Announced



Nothing seems to be in the way of the K-ON!! goods onslaught.


Movic, a Japanese company specializing in anime character goods, announced that the limited edition K-ON!! sneakers will go on sale on February 3, 2011. It will retail for ¥6980.

Only 500 is planned, so this will be super-rare.


I like K-ON!! and the creative character goods that come out of these shows but at this point it seems just like a money grab to me. Ah well. Hats off to those who manage to get one on February 3.