C81 Cosplay Collection!


The season is winter, and one thing is always on the mind of tens of millions of anime fans worldwide.

Comicket kicked off its 81st session at Tokyo Big Sight on 2011/12/29 to great fanfare.

Accompanying each Comicket session are the host of high-quality cosplayers decorating the scene. Although there are less of the revealing cosplays that you’ve seen with Comicket 80 (due to winter coldness), there are plenty for everyone to see.

Check out some of the best shots of the first day at Comicket 81.



See all images at 2ch matome.

電撃G’s Magazine October 2010

Dengeki G's

Yeah, I know it’s December already. I just had an extremely busy semester so had to leave the magazine for until I was finished the exams.



The cover pretty much tells you that this issue’s focus was on Love Plus+.

G’s Magazine also started a plan to increase their manga section by 200%. October did see a whole lot of new manga series begin, so they’re making good on the promise. More on this later.

October 2010 Furoku


Furoku (foo-row-ku): lit. extra goods

– goods that come bundled with a purchase of an item in Japan.

This month featured three minor furoku:

  • Love Plus+ / Angel Beats! “IC Card Sticker” which is simply a fancy term for a sticker the size of a credit card.
  • Weiss Schwartz PR card – Angel Beats! × Kud Wafter

I’d use the IC card sticker but since I have a VISA card it would be an issue if I covered up the security code at the back.



As mentioned earlier this month saw the beginning of several new series in the manga section.

Ro-Kyu-bu (Low Cube) is among one of the new series. It tells the story of a high school boy that plays for the school’s basketball team.

His future in the region’s basketball-focused high school looked good. But one day, his dreams are shattered when it’s discovered that the team’s captain was having an affair with an instructor’s daughter. The team was dismissed.

When he’s home he receives an offer from his sister that had just become the advisor to her school’s basketball team. He reluctantly takes the offer, but it isn’t a regular basketball team awaiting him at the gym.

I am interested in the series simply for the fact that its illustrator is Tinkle. He’s famous among the loli circles for his simply awesome drawing style.


Now, time to read November issue!

電撃G’s Magazine April 2010

Dengeki G's, Kud Wafter, Purchases

March 11: I just received the April issue of the Dengeki G’s Magazine today! I’ll update the blog when I come home from school. Can’t wait to read it!

March 12: My laptop currently is out of service (29 bad sector count + HDD @56C) so I’ll have to wait for the pictures for another few hours.

March 14: I promise I’ll get this updated with pictures tonight. I promise.

March 15: So here’s the much awaited update!!! Yay!!

Here’s the front cover for this month.